Predepature Adventure

In southern Virginia, I’m saying good-bye to warm(ish) weather and reaching the final weeks of my semester. I’ve completed my study abroad applications, January term plans, and I’ve just finished my translation of the Chilean constitution. I’m about to complete the Appalachian Regional Model Arab League, and then its Thanksgiving break!

The end of the semester and the beginning of January term means, I only have about three months until I’m in Cuba! I’m looking forward to studying and adventuring around Havana, but I’m nervous. Will my Spanish we good enough? Will I have saved enough money? What if I pack too much or not enough? The list of my stresses goes on and on, but to be completely honest I haven’t had the time to stress out about Spring semester. I accidentally over-committed this semester, and haven’t had much time to myself. I can’t wait for Fall semester to be over so that I can relax, get over my anxieties, and absorb the fact that I’m going to Cuba.

Only a few more weeks and the semester is over, only a few more months and I’ll be in Cuba. I can’t wait!! Check back in around January for updates on my first week!

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