Hola from Havana!

Hey guys, I just arrived in Havana on January 25th. Everyday has been full of walking, orientation activities, and food… Lots of food. I’m a ‘pescatarian’, meaning I eat fish but no other meat. My host family (and the entire program) have been super kind about it and I’m never worried about food. About the semester, it started with a little bit of stress, my luggage didn’t get on the plane with me and so I looked around the airport for around 2 and a half hours while my program was calling me over the speaker. The airport sent it from the US the next day and brought it to my house. So it all worked out super fast!

In the first few days I’ve explored the Malecon, internet parks, Old Havana, and many other places in Havana. I’m excited to keep exploring and to start school! I’ll update this blog again after classes start. My first class is at 8am, so we’ll see how this goes, haha.

Hasta luego!